Consultation Services


The RSSS offers personal consultation to any member of the HGSE community currently engaged in research. This service includes:

  • Statistical Software Consultation: navigating or troubleshooting statistical software such as Stata, R, Mplus, and SPSS.
  • Qualitative Software Consultation: navigating or troubleshooting qualitative data analysis software such as NVivo, and Atlas.ti.
  • Research Methods Consultation: guidance on how to choose or employ research methods and strategies.

Consultations typically take the form of individual or group meetings, but can also be arranged as a presentation for an entire team. Note that students enrolled in research methods courses (e.g. S040, S052, S504) should direct course content related questions to their respective teaching teams, or ask the teaching team to contact the RSSS directly. Queries related to identifying or acquiring data and research materials should be directed to the HGSE Research Librarians.

How do I get started?

Write to to schedule an appointment.