Harvard Sponsored Role Process


Harvard affiliates without an active Harvard ID (HUID) can acquire a Harvard Sponsored Role (HSR)1 status to gain access to systems and services that require a HUID. The supervisor of the affiliate can sponsor and request HSR status for the affiliate through the Harvard Sponsored Role Portal.  Usage of this portal requires familiarity with the University's HSR Policy, and thus a prerequisite to using it is the completion of a brief online training course.

For more information on the HSR portal and the HSR policy, please see the support pages located here: HSR Portal – IT Help (HUIT). If you have questions for or problems with the HSR Portal, please email ithelp@harvard.edu with “HSR Portal” in the subject.

Access granted by HSR status

HSR status is sufficient for full access to many common systems including Zoom, Qualtrics, Canvas, and Slack. Depending on the role of the affiliate, an HSR may or may not be able to acquire a Harvard email address which  must be requested during the HSR request process. If you need access to Microsoft Office products, your supervisor needs to request a Harvard email for you. HSR status does not provide access to electronic library resources.



In order to be eligible, you must have a sponsor or supervisor willing to attest that you have a legitimate business, research, or educational reason for obtaining an HUID. Your sponsor or supervisor must assume responsibility for the accuracy of all information about you submitted in the HSR Portal.

1 Formerly known as the Person of Interest/POI process.