POI Forms

If you do not have an active Harvard ID (HUID) and need access to systems and services that require one, your supervisor can sponsor you for access by completing a Person of Interest (POI) form and submitting it to Harvard University ID Card services.

In order to obtain a POI, your sponsor or supervisor must complete a POI form and submit it to Harvard University ID Card Services for you. The POI form does not grant you access to any specific system or service. It documents your association with the University and allows your sponsor or supervisor to request accounts and services for you.


In order to be eligible, you must have a sponsor or supervisor willing to attest that you have a legitimate business, research, or educational reason for obtaining an HUID. Your sponsor or supervisor must assume responsibility for the accuracy of all information about you submitted in the POI form.

Download POI Form

Download the POI form directly at http://iam.harvard.edu/files/iam/files/authorized-identity-request-form.pdf