Resources for Faculty and Staff

Welcome, HGSE faculty and staff. HGSE Information Technology is here to help you with your computing needs. We manage your desktops and laptops with the most up-to-date software. We connect you with Harvard centrally offered services like email and calendar. Our IT Service Center staff can help you with your questions. We offer IT problem resolution in a manner most convenient to you. You can reach us by email, telephone, or in person. We will respond to all requests received as quickly as possible.

Essential resources include:

Email and Calendar
The email and calendar system at HGSE is the Office 365 platform. To learn more, please visit the email & calendar services page. For questions about your email and calendaring, please contact the IT Service Center.

Wired and wireless networks are available on campus. All Staff members are given a network account to access their Novell shared drives as well as their X-Drives. Click here for more about accessing the wireless network.

All Faculty and Staff are provided with an up-to-date computer for their HGSE related work. These machines are outfitted with the latest processors and updated operating system. The IT Service Center works on a three year cycle for hardware updates to ensure our community always had access to the latest and most productive equipment.

The IT Service Center images all our computers with a standard image that includes the latest version of our supported Operating Systems, Antivirus and Anti-spyware, Adobe Acrobat Reader, MS Office Suite (which included the abilty to create PDFs), Jabber (our telephone software), well as the latest browsers and productivity software. Software required for your work can be requested as needed. 

Classroom and Event Support
The IT Service Center provides support for all our classrooms and learning spaces. Media setups can be requested through the Events Reservation System.

Information Security 
Information security consultations and risk assessment services for staff, faculty, and researchers managing potentially sensitive or confidential data. Consultations and assessments include the review of all physical, technical, and administrative data management processes to ensure regulatory compliance and adherence to Harvard’s data security policies. For more information, visit the HGSE Information Security section.

Digital Equipment Loans 
The Gutman Library now loans out digital equipment such as cameras, voice recorders, and transcribers to the HGSE community following established check-out and check-in procedures with the borrower. 

Secure File Sharing and Version Control
The secure file sharing and version control system in place at HGSE is called xDrive. Visit the HGSE xDrive Knowledge Center to learn how to get started using XDrive, how to dig deeper into its advanced functionality, and how to become an expert user.

List Serves
The IT Service Center provides mailing list serves for mass mailing confidentially to regularly used groups. Mailing lists can be requested can be made by Faculty and Staff using non-forwarding HGSE email addresses. 

Workshops and Training
HGSE offers a variety of in-person and online hands-on trainings, overviews, and workshops. Topics range from academic to administrative to research technology. View complete list of in-person IT training offerings or register for a training. If you are interested in a topic that is not listed in our current offerings, please contact the IT Service Center.

Online, Self-Paced Workshops and Training
Harvard faculty, staff, and students have 24/7 access to, a library of high-quality instructional videos. To register, go to from any computer on campus and follow on-screen directions.