Resources for Students

Welcome to our new and returning students. HGSE Information Technology is here to help you with your computing needs. We offer publicly available computers throughout campus loaded with the most up-to-date software. Our IT Service Center staff can help you any of your questions from recommending and repairing hardware to offering statistics support, and more.

Wireless printing for Students

Wireless printing for students is available on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of Gutman Library. To use any of these printers you will need to be connected to the internet via Harvard University or Harvard Secure. Please follow these instructions to install the printer:

  1. Click on the installer for the printer of your choice on your personal laptop, choose Save from the dialogue box
  2. Once it finishes downloading, double-click on the folder to open it
  3. Double-click the exe file inside to install the printer. You will see a message telling you that the printer is installing. Depending on the speed of your connection the internet this process can take up to five minutes.
  4. After installation is complete the box will close.  You will be able to send your files to the nearest printer by selecting that printer in the print dialogue box of any of your programs and release the job with a swipe of your Crimson Cash card.
  5. If you regularly use a printer else where you should check that it is still your default printer by clicking on the start button, selecting Devices and Printers and look for a green check mark next to your default printer.   If it is not set correctly, you can right click on that printer and select Set As Default Printer.

Please note when you print from Windows you may see a dialogue box that reads “Printer Status is not available”. You can click OK to make this go away, it appears because Windows is trying to check for print job status and you have not swiped to release your job yet. It does not affect your ability to print.

If you have any questions, need more information, or would like help to install the printers please contact the IT Service Center at 617-498-0628 or

1st Floor (413 KB)
2nd Floor (413 KB)
3rd Floor (413 KB)
3rd Floor Backup (413 KB)
4th Floor (413 KB)
All Gutman (413 KB)

Mac OS (358 KB)

Essential Resources

Access to HGSE public computers
Each student has a network account for accessing computers and printers located throughout Gutman Library. For information on logging in and changing your password, click here.

AntiVirus and Anti-Spyware Software
The IT Service Center provides a free copy of McAfee Antivirus and Anti-Spyware to all HGSE students for their personal computers. Please follow the appropriate instructions below based on your platform.

Windows Users:

      • Windows 7
        • Download the McAfee Antivirus .zip file (38.5 MB)
        • Right click on the download, select "Properties," and click the "Unblock" button
        • Unzip the files into a folder. Navigate to the folder and double-click on the "SetupVSE.exe" file
        • Navigate through the installation
        • BEFORE RESTARTING your computer, UNCHECK the "Update Now" and "Scan Now" boxes
        • After reboot, right click on the McAfee Shield on the bottom-right side of your screen and left-click "Update Now"
      • Windows 8
        • Download the Windows 8 McAfee Antivirus Patch .zip file (53.1 MB)
        • Save the file to your computer and unzip into a folder
        • Navigate to the folder and double-click on the "SetupVSE.exe" file
        • Navigate through the installation according to on-screen instructions

Mac Users:

      • OSX
        • Download the McAfee Antivirus for Mac .zip (117.9 KB)
        • Move the .zip file to your desktop and double click to extract the .dmg file
        • Double click the macantivirus.dmg file and navigate through the installation according to the on-screen instructions

Course Web Sites and Course Materials
All HGSE courses have an associated course web site in the Canvas LMS. Once you are enrolled in a course, you will automatically be given access to the site. All course materials are found on this site or via this site. Both the course site and your “iPa©” (your electronic course materials repository) are mobile-friendly. To learn more about iPa©, click here

Digital Equipment Loans 
The Gutman Library loans out digital equipment such as cameras, voice recorders, and transcribers to the HGSE community following established check-out and check-in procedures with the borrower.

All incoming HGSE Students will be set up with a Microsoft Office365 account giving them access to email, the full MS suite, as well as online file storage and sharing.

Current HGSE Students will continue using their Google Apps for Education email accounts. 

Hardware and Software Repairs and Support
The IT Service has Macintosh and Dell certified technicians.The staff would be happy to help with any repairs or issues you may be experiencing. Please visit them at the IT Service Center located on the third floor of the Gutman Library.

Harvard Emergency Text Service
Harvard’s emergency text service helps you to stay informed in the event of an emergency by sending alerts to your personal electronic device (cell phone, PDA, smartphone, etc.) through text messaging, voice, and/or email. To sign up, click here

Printing and Pricing
Printers, copiers, and scanners are located throughout the Gutman Library near to all our public PCs. To learn more, click here

Software and Hardware Purchasing
Students can purchase specially priced computers, tablets, and accessories from Dell, Apple, Google and other vendors at Harvard Tech Products for personal use. Discounted copies of many of the software programs in use at HGSE are available also. Purchases can be made directly by visiting and selecting "Shop for Yourself". Many of these items are also available by visiting Harvard’s Tech Products Center located in the basement of the Harvard University Science Center.

Wireless Connection
Wireless internet access is available from most places at the HGSE Campus.