In-Person Trainings & Workshops

Click here to see the upcoming schedule of IT in-person training and research software workshops.

Software Workshops

We offer workshops to members of the HGSE community on three quantitative software packages: Mplus, R and Stata. Additionally, we offer introductory workshops on two qualitative software packages: Atlas.ti and NVivo. More information, including presentation materials, can be found on the HGSE IT Research page (or click here). Additionally, you can access the archive of videos, slides, and code files from past research software workshops.

You can also schedule a consultation by writing to

Information Security and Research Security

Please visit Information Security Awareness Training. An organization's people, information, operations, and systems are critical assets. Protecting the safety, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of these assets is essential to maintaining compliance. In order for the HGSE's security program to operate most effectively, all members of the HGSE community must help the School to secure its informational assets. Information security awareness training provides the community with physical, administrative, and technical security basics, as well as an introduction to School and University policies and procedures.

Many HGSE staff, students, and faculty engage in research that involves the collection or use of legally protected information. If the research involves, or may involve, confidential (CI), high-risk confidential (HRCI), or human subject information (HSI), researchers are encouraged to attend this training to learn HGSE's research data security submission, review, and approval process.

New Faculty/Staff IT Orientation

Welcome to HGSE! During the first week at HGSE, the ITSD provides new faculty and new staff with an individual overview of technology at HGSE. Password resets, network FAQs and how-to's are all addressed with new HGSE community members on their first day as well as an overview of their new hardware and software.

Teaching Fellow (TF) Training

TF training is provided upon request; please request through the ITSC. The ITSC can provide how-to's and best practices regarding in-room equipment and inform you who best to contact when you are faced with an issue or request for Teaching fellows or an assistant who support faculty or courses and need to assist with in-class technology equipment or other technology related issues.

Xdrive Knowledge Center

The Xdrive Knowledge Center offers training on how to securely streamline collaboration and file sharing among your colleagues. As well as the following topics:

  • Handle tickets generated for non-GSE affiliates
  • Create dropboxes
  • Enable Versioning and manage file check-out and check-in
  • Create and edit Wikis
  • Manage workflows
  • Create bookmarks to folders and files
  • Manage trash and restoration