Network Accounts


Network accounts are accounts with passwords control access to online resources and services including network file storage space for faculty and staff, and network printing for faculty, staff and students.

A network account is created for faculty and staff on your first day of employment. An IT Service Center Specialist will meet with you to give you your access information and an orientation to HGSE network services.

A student network account is created when each student registers. Registrar sends out account information before the start of each first semester.

An HGSE network account allows faculty and staff to access online file sharing and storage space and network printers. An HGSE network account allows students to computers on the HGSE campus, including specialized software required for HGSE courses, and crimson cash network printing services. To learn how to change your HGSE network account password click here.  

Additionally, numerous online systems and services at Harvard University exist that require login using your HarvardKey and password. Manage your own HarvardKey here.
You must have a valid Harvardkey to access authenticated University systems and services. Access to any particular HarvardKey authenticated system or service is governed by the service owner.